Mobile Interface

Savance Electronic In Out Board Mobile Interface

Electronic In Out Board

Mobile Interface

Use on any mobile phone with Internet connection

Easy status updates on the go

Quick source of contact info & co-worker statuses

Send instant notes to anyone at your company

Access from Anywhere

Using any web-enabled mobile device, users can quickly update their status on the go, send messages, or see the status of an entire company from anywhere. No app install needed – simply log in online to use.

Mobile Access from Anywhere - Savance EIOBoard
Savance EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board Mobile Interface on Tablet & Smartphone

Use with Any Mobile Device

The Savance Electronic In Out Board mobile interface is available on any web-enabled mobile device, using any Internet browser. Users can update their status, check other people’s statuses, send a quick note, or get contact information that they might need while on the road or out of the office, directly from their mobile phone or tablet.

View & Update Statuses on the Go

The Electronic In Out Board’s mobile interface lets users keep in touch with their company or office while on the road or working remotely. Conveniently update statuses from any mobile device, as well as see the status of your entire company from anywhere. Using the mobile interface, you can also set future statuses and appointments quickly and easily.

Mobile In Out Board - View & Update Statuses on Any Mobile Device
Mobile In Out Board Messaging

Multiple Messaging Options

Read and send notes and text messages right from your mobile phone. Notify people of important information even if they are not in the office. Savance’s messaging option allows users to send messages to an email address, as a private note to other users, or as a text message directly to a mobile phone.

Updates in Realtime

Updates made through any Savance Electronic In Out Board interface option are in realtime, and will immediately sync with other Savance interfaces and view options, such as applications, mobile apps, and large screen status boards.

Real-time updates - Savance Electronic In Out Board