Outlook Interface

in Out Status Board for Microsoft Outlook | Savance EIOBoard Plugin

Electronic In Out Board

Microsoft Outlook Interface

Viewable within Microsoft Outlook

Movable status view screen & simple navigation bar

Synchronize with your Outlook calendar

Telephone integration with auto status change

Supports Outlook 2000 or higher

In Out Status Board for Microsoft Outlook

Savance EIOBoard’s Microsoft Outlook add-in has the same features as the main Application interface, but is accessible right from within Microsoft Outlook as an integrated movable status board.

Electronic In Out Board Outlook Add-In - Calendar Screen Vertical Split
Electronic In Out Board Outlook Integration

Convenient, Easy-to-Use Tool for Microsoft Outlook Users

Allow users to quickly see the status of the entire company while checking their email. For organizations using Microsoft Outlook, the Savance Microsoft Outlook add-in is a very convenient and easy-to-use tool that removes the need for additional screens to update and view their status. It’s a quick shortcut to the organization’s electronic in out board.

Easily Pull Events from Microsoft Outlook Calendars into EIOBoard

The EIOBoard Outlook add-in also offers Microsoft Outlook synchronization, allowing a user to easily pull events from their Microsoft Outlook calendar and add them to EIOBoard. EIOBoard Calendar lets users see all events and appointments for the day, week, or month.

Calendar View - Savance Electronic In Out Board Browser Interface
Savance EIOBoard TAPI Telephone Integration

Integrate with Your Telephone System

For those interested in taking automatic updates a step further, a Telephone Status feature integrates right into the Outlook add-in. Once enabled, the EIOBoard Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) automatically changes a user’s status to “On The Phone” when they’re on a call. Even choose to automatically add “Caller ID” information as a comment to indicate who someone is speaking with. This is particular helpful for a call center or secretary to instantly see who is on the phone, and take further action as needed.

Updates in Realtime

Updates made through any Savance Electronic In Out Board interface option are in realtime, and will immediately sync with other Savance interfaces and view options, such as applications, mobile apps, and large screen status boards.

Real-time updates - Savance Electronic In Out Board