Are Chat Messages Saved?

There are two different ways that Chat messages can be saved. You can save individual Chat messages by clicking the “Save” button in the chat window. This is available to all users.

There is also a way to log chats on the server if you are a Customer-Hosted user. To access the Chat Log, you will need to open up the EIOBoard Server program on your EIOBoard server. From the “Log” menu, select “View Active Log”. When the log viewer opens, select “Chat” from the “Log Type” drop down box. If you do not see any messages logged, then either there have not been any Chat conversations during the selected date range, or the log is not enabled. To enable the log, just check the “Enable Chat Log” checkbox in the log viewer window, or though the Settings on the “Chat” tab.

At this time, chat logging is not available for EIOBoard-Hosted customers.

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