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Assigning an Administrator Privilege to a User From the Server

You must have full access to the server or SQL database to do this task.  You need to open up SQL Management Studio and connect to the database so you can run queries.  You can also use the SQL Tasks from EIOBoard Admin, but that is more difficult so we will focus on using SQL Management Studio in this instance.

  1. Run a SELECT * FROM Users against the database.  Look for an active user that you wish to elevate as an admin.  Note the UserSys.  Make sure the CurrentValue is set to 1 (meaning they are active)
  2. Now select from UserSecurity.  10000000 is EB Admin and 10000006 is EB Master Admin.  You only need master admin if you wish to create and manage additional organizations which most will not need
  3. Finally, you need to insert a new row into this table for your user.  For example, this would create a row for the 100000 UserSys (SavText) selected in the above screenshot

    INSERT INTO UserSecurity (UserSys, SecurityGroupSys)
    VALUES (100000, 10000000)

  4. This would add the same person to the master admin security group

    INSERT INTO UserSecurity (UserSys, SecurityGroupSys)
    VALUES (100000, 10000006)

  5. You want to avoid adding duplicate pair entries of UserSys and SecurityGroupSys pairs into that table, so be sure you select from that table before you insert.  Then you can verify the row was inserted because it will say (1) rows affected and you can select from that table to see the UserSecurity row you just added.
  6. At this point, you should now be able to login to EIOBoard and have Admin rights.
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