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Can I automatically add my Calendar appointments to EIOBoard?

Yes, you use the EIOBoard Future Status feature in either the Web Browser, Outlook Add-in, or the Application Interfaces for EIOBoard to add appointments that will automatically update EIOBoard at the time and date for this pre-set event or appointment. For more details, click here.

You may also use the Auto Synchronization available in the EIOBoard Application (or Outlook Add-in for Outlook Users) interface to pull in GroupWise or Outlook calendar events into EIOBoard.

Auto Synchronization

These settings can also be set in the Company User Settings to deploy them to all the standard users of the organization.

Auto Sync Settings

Default Status

The Default Status will set a default status for all Outlook Appointments to be set as in your EIOBoard Calendar.

Warning: This Default Status will override Auto Sync on Outlook Status if “Set My Status” is checked when making the Outlook Appointment.

Auto Sync on Outlook Status

Alternatively, you can set the auto sync to sync dependent on the status of the Appointment set in Outlook.

Calendar Sync Settings

  • Make sure “Microsoft Outlook” is selected
  • Prompt for Synchronization on startup: Opens the Manual Synchronization screen on startup. Leave off for Automatic Synchronization
  • Prompt for Calendar Folder: By Default, Auto Sync and Manual Sync only grab the Primay Calendar. To select other calendars, including shared calendars, you can turn this option on and select them.
  • Add Workplace Future Status to Outlook: Allows you to create Future Statuses in EIOBoard, then sync those Future Statuses into Outlook as well
  • Set Comment for All Events to Blank ( Ignore Subject and Location ): Hides the Appointment name and details from the Future Status and Status Comment in EIOBoard
  • Show Outlook Location in Status Comment: If Events aren’t set to blank, shows Location set in Outlook for the Event in the Status Comment

Creating an Outlook Appointment with Auto Synchronization On

When creating an appointment in Outlook, this is how the Appointment settings will correlate with the EIOBoard Future Status:


  • Show as: The status in Outlook will determine which Auto Sync status is used if Auto Sync is enabled.


  • Set My Status:
    • Checked: Manually set your status in the Appointment Creation itself. This will default to the ‘Default Status’ options and override the Auto Sync status setting, but add the appointment to your EIOBoard Calendar Immediately.
    • Unchecked: This will sync the Appointment as per the Auto Sync rules set up if there are any at the next Auto Sync.
  • Auto Return: If enabled, at the end time of the appointment your status will reset to the Return Status set in the appointment


  • Subject: This will determine the Status Comment for the EIOBoard Calendar Event
  • Location: If the setting is enabled, this will add the Location to the Status Comment for the EIOBoard Calendar Event
  • Start and End Time: What the Start and End time of the EIOBoard Calendar Event will be
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