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Can I switch from EIOBoard-Hosted to Customer-Hosted?

Yes, you can switch from an EIOBoard-Hosted account to a Customer-Hosted account.  You would purchase the Customer-Hosted version and would be credited for the number of month remaining on your EIOBoard-Hosted support contract, if applicable.

There are two options for moving your users to your new Customer-Hosted account, we can export the users for you and you can put them into a fresh database, or you can have us transfer your account to keep all of your data intact.

If you would like us to export users for you there is a $200 fee.

If you would like to transfer your account we can do this, but there is service fee involved.  The reason for the fee is because we need to take a backup of our production database, strip out all the other accounts (since all our EIOBoard-Hosted customers share a common database) and then set it up for transfer. So the fee can vary depending on the client’s need.  Please email sales@savance.com is you wish to get a quote.

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