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Can we switch from Customer-Hosted to EIOBoard-Hosted?

Switching Hosted Solution

Yes, but there is a Cloud Migration fee to port your organization over to an EIOBoard-Hosted One. If you purchase a Cloud Migration, we are happy to schedule a Cloud Migration Meeting to help you export your users and use the built in import tool at no additional costs.

Data: How it can be carried over:
Users Can be Exported From your On-Premise Database. However, you can also take advantage of the migration to use our built-in Azure Active Directory Integration to bring all your users and their user data in automatically, and use Microsoft Single-On.
Statuses, Fields, and Groups These can be exported from you On-Premise Database, and can be taken care of during the Cloud Migration Meeting.
Organizations While On-premise Installations can set up multiple Organization on one server, an EIOBoard-Hosted Solution can only have one Organization. You can have Users and Groups only appear in certain places/views by creating Location-Specific Groups, but there is not a complete seperation of Data like there is with a Customer-Hosted Solution.
Status History and Records There is some engineering work to merge the our production database with your organization’s database so it is not done by default, but if it is necessary for your organization we would be happy to do accommodate.


If you are interested in a Cloud Migration feel free to contact Sales at sales@eioboard.com for a quote today, or contact Support@eioboard.com if you have any additional questions!

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