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Change Status To “Out” When Shutting Down Windows

It is possible to automate your EIOBoard status so as to sign you in when you open Ms Outlook, and sign you out when you close it. Yet as you shut down your computer without closing Ms Outlook, occasionally your EIOBoard status does not change due to the fact that Ms Outlook has been forced to be shut down through task manager, rather than a “graceful” session close.

To overcome such a limitation, you can automate windows to run a small visual basic script that closes Ms Outlook automatically upon shutting down your computer.




This method of closing Outlook would be similar to closing Outlook via File-> Close or by pressing the Close button ( X ) in the top-right corner of the Outlook window;

Set objOutlook = CreateObject(“Outlook.Application”)


To use this code, place it in a text-file and save it as closeoutlook.vbs (make sure your file is not closeoutlook.vbs.txt)

Next, click on your start menu, and type gpedit.msc

This will open your local group policy editor



Navigate to Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)


Double click on “shutdown” on the right pane. A new popup window will appear.


Make sure you are on the “scripts” tab and click add, and click browse. Navigate to closeoutlook.vbs which we saved earlier and select it.


Click Ok on “add a Script”, and Ok on the “Shutdown Properties” then close Gpedit.msc.


This should close Ms Outlook which will change your status to out prior to shutting down your computer.

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