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Changing Minimum Password and Username Length Requirements

Recently, Savance Workplace underwent a security update that raised the default minimum length for usernames and passwords to 8 characters. This change might lead to difficulties in editing users, as the error message “user name must contain 8 characters” may appear when attempting any edits on the user page.

To modify the username and password requirements, you can access the Web Admin located at the bottom of the ‘Global Settings’ page.

Minimum length requirements of usernames and passwords

If you are on Cloud, the minimum allowed length is 8 characters, as usernames must be globally unique, not solely unique to your organization. We suggest utilizing users’ email addresses, and there is even an option to compel users to use their email as their username. Users whose usernames were established prior to version 10.3 are grandfathered in; however, for any alterations to the account, it’s necessary to modify the username to be 8 characters or longer.

On-Premise Hosting

If you have an on-premise installation, you also have the option to manually adjust these settings to be less restrictive through the SQL database. To do this, execute the following two scripts against the SolutionSavant Database on the server.

If you’ve already updated the requirements and continue to encounter the error or message indicating that your users’ passwords do not meet the minimum requirements, you can reset the “Password Meets Minimum Requirements” flag for all users in the database as well:

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 3

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET UserNameMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 3

UPDATE dbo.Users
SET PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'true' WHERE PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'false'
(You can have the number with either no quotes or single quotes typed in)

If you’re still having any issues or using Windows Authentication and don’t need the passwords at all, you can run this script to fully remove any password requirements:

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 1

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET UserNameMinimumNumberOfCharacters = 1

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfSpecialCharacters = 0

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfLowerCaseCharacters = 0

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfUpperCaseCharacters = 0

UPDATE OrganizationSettings
SET PasswordMinimumNumberOfNumerics = 0

UPDATE dbo.Users
SET PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'true' WHERE PasswordMeetsMinReq = 'false'
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