Chat will not connect?

Make Sure Port 5222 is Open

The main cause of Chat problems with EIOBoard is the traffic is being blocked by a firewall. By default EIOBoard Chat runs on port 5222, so you may need to enable this port on the client’s firewall. If you are an EIOBoard-Hosted customer and have a hardware firewall that filters your company Internet connection you may also need to add an exception there. If you are a Customer-Hosted client you may need to add a firewall exception on your EIOBoard server. In all cases, make sure TCP port 5222 is allowed for both inbound and outbound traffic.

Another potential issue which would cause EIOBoard Chat not to connect would be that “Enable Chat” is not checked on the “Chat” tab in the EIOBoard Application or Outlook Interface Settings. If you cannot check “Enable Chat” this is because an EIOBoard administrator has set the “Application Chat Disabled” setting on the “Company Settings” tab in the Administrator. Customer-Hosted clients may also need to check the settings in the EIOBoard Server Admin program (which runs on your EIOBoard server) to make sure that Chat is enabled and the Chat Server Name specified can be resolved by the clients. In rare cases you may need to change the server to the IP address or the fully qualified domain name.

If a domain name is being used for the chat server, you’ll also want to ensure that the DNS is directing traffic to the correct IP address by pinging the chat server. If the ping is going to the wrong server, try flushing the DNS cache on the local machine, and check the hosts file to ensure it does not have an incorrect entry.

Check Server Admin Settings

Under Management in the Server Admin Settings, make sure the correct Port is set, and that Chat is Enabled


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