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Please follow the below instructions for setting up your EIOBoard Installation.


Choose Your Interface Option



Outlook Add-In


EIOBoard Application Interface EIOBoard Browser Interface EIOBoard Outlook Interface EIOBoard Mobile Interface
Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits
 Includes all features  No need to install anything  Includes all features  Runs on most mobile devices
 Runs without Outlook  Accessible from any PC  Built into Outlook  Can be accessed anywhere
Limitations Limitations Limitations Limitations
Runs only on Windows OS Must use a browser Must have Microsoft Outlook No administration area
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Choose a Deployment Option (Compare Interface Capabilities)

EIOBoard Application

Application Interface

Browser Logo

Browser Interface

 EIOBoard Application Interface Setup (EXE) From any web browser navigate to:
 EIOBoard Application Interface Setup (MSI/GPO – Silent Install)
Outlook Logo

Outlook Add-In

Mobile Logo

Mobile Interface

Outlook 2000, XP/2002, 2003, or 2007: From a mobile device (will automatically redirect):
 EIOBoard Outlook Add-In for 2007 and earlier (EXE) From a standard browser (to test):
 EIOBoard Outlook Add-In for 2007 and earlier (MSI/GPO – Silent Install)
Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guides

 EIOBoard Application Getting Started Guide
 EIOBoard Outlook Add-In Getting Started Guide
 EIOBoard Browser Getting Started Guide
Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016:
 EIOBoard Outlook Add-In for 2010/2013/2016 (EXE)
 EIOBoard Outlook Add-In for 2010/2013/2016 (MSI/GPO – Silent Install)


Extra Deployment Options (OPTIONAL)

Terminal Server

Terminal Server

Microsoft Sharepoint

Sharepoint Integration

Terminal Settings Features
EIOBoard Registry

Registry Settings

Deploying Settings with the Registry



Add Users

Add Users to EIOBoard

Add User Manually

User Import Wizard

User Import Wizard

You can Manually Add users to EIOBoard With our very simple user information form found in the Administration Area under Users > New. The fastest way to import users you have saved on an Excel sheet or any file that works with Excel is out Import Wizard found in the Administration Area under Users > Import.
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Configuring EIOBoard

You can configure EIOBoard to fit almost any situation and company environment. Here are some options from our Administration menu to help you manage and configure your EIOBoard.

  1. User and Securities
  2. Groups and Locations
  3. Statuses
  4. Company Settings
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