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Company User Settings is a tab in the Administration window. It is used to control the appearance and functionality of EIOBoard for your users.

To change the deployed settings, you can check or uncheck the setting in the ‘Deployable Setting’ column. To push out changes to your users, check both “Deploy” and “Lock”; then when you click ‘Save and Deploy’ the new changes will appear the next time they login.


  • Administrators will not see changes since Company User Settings are not forced or pushed on Admin accounts.
  • If locked is checked, administrators will be the only users with the ability to change the setting
  • If only deploy is checked, the new settings will be pushed out to ONLY to new users on the computer



On the Web, you can press “Deploy All Defaults” to set all the Default settings to what will be deployed, “Deploy All My Settings” to set your settings to what will be deployed, or click the Deploy Button for an individual setting to change it and add it to the deployment.

Once you are done you can just click “Save and Deploy” to save it as the currently selected Profile.


To update and lock an individual setting:

1. You should be able to click the arrow in the deploy column the change whether you’re deploying that setting when you click ‘save and deploy’.

2. Once you’ve clicked the arrow and added that setting to the deployment, you can update the Company Setting Column

3. Click lock to lock it as well if you don’t want regular users to be able to change the setting

4. Then click save and deploy.



Introduced in EIOBoard version 9.1.7, an Administrator can create Profiles under the “Company User Settings” tab. Profiles allow for multiple User Settings for specific categories.



Profiles will be assigned in the following order:

  1. Users
  2. Groups
  3. Locations
  4. Security Groups

Note: If a user is in two different groups, and each group has a different profile, the precedence value will determine the assignment.



Default Columns

To set the Default Columns for Users to be visible in the Home View, you can select the default columns under Views->View Configurations.

There in the ‘Standard Columns Visibility’ option, you can selected which of the System Fields will show up in the Default Home View, and if you want users to not be able to edit their column headers, you can lock this setting as well.

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