Configuration file is not well-formed XML Error

This article contains a possible solution for an error you may see opening EIOBoard in any of the interfaces.  The error message is:

Configuration file is not wellformed XML

This can occur if your SQL password has a special character, such as an ampersand (&).  To solve this issue, you must first either change the password for the SQL user, or add a new SQL user with a different password.  The default password for the EIOBoard (SolutionSavant) database is “EBwebs@vant” (without the quotes).

Once the SQL password has changed, you will need to modify the Connection String setting section of the “web.config” file.  To do this, open the directory where EIOBoard web files were installed on your server, then open the “web.config” file in Notepad.  You may also need to change this same setting in the “web.config” file in the “WebService” folder.

Lastly, change the database settings in the EIOBoard Server program.  To do this, open the EIOBoard Server program (which is installed on your EIOBoard server). Go to the “Management” menu and click “Settings”.  On the “Database” tab, enter the new SQL Username and Password, then click the “Test Connection” button.  If the test is successful, click the “Save” button, then close the Settings.  Now click the “Services” menu and select “Restart Service” (or “Start Service” if the service is stopped).  If everything is configured properly, it should say that the service is started in the bottom right corner of the EIOBoard Server program.

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