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Configuring a PDK integration to use the new, more stable authentication protocol

As of June 3rd 2019 Savance implemented a new, much more stable way of authenticating to your PDK panel’s api for performing user syncs, door syncs, event syncs, and activating badges to the panel from eioboard (for customers who have this feature).

In the past, customers were sometimes forced to go into the admin panel in the integration, clear the refresh token and then generate another one. This was less than ideal and is no longer necessary. In fact, if you go to Administration–>Integrations and click Manage on your PDK integration, you will see there is no longer a button to click to generate or clear an authentication token.

This new authentication method is much more stable, but there are a couple of additional steps that must be taken on your PDK panel in order for it to work.

First, log in to you PDK account. Once there, on the main page, not the panel, locate the permissions area


Click on the plus icon and enter support@savance.com as the email for a new permission and make the permission Integrator exactly as shown below.


Then click add an you are done. There’s nothing that needs to be done in EIOBoard, so if you are still having any issues connecting or still getting errors please contact support@eioboard.com for additional assistance. From now on you won’t need to generate auth codes or worry about losing your connection to the panel. Anytime the EIOBoard system needs a new authentication code it will simply authenticate itself and get a new token automatically.


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