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Configuring GPS Zone Status Updates for Mobile Apps

This article will guide you through the entire process of implementing GPS status updates with location-based zones on the Android and iPhone apps. For organization administrators, the Global Settings Setup section must be completed before any users can set up GPS status updates. For regular end-users, the Global Settings Setup section may be skipped, and instead go directly to the mobile setup section for your brand of mobile device.

Global Settings Setup

First, the settings in Savance Workplace must be configured to allow for GPS status updates.

The Global Setting “Allow GPS Status Updates” must be enabled – this enables the GPS status updates for the entire company.  From here, users may individually enable or disable their GPS zone status updates, but without this setting, they will not be able to configure them at all.

The Company User Setting below must be enabled and deployed and can be optionally locked.  Without this setting enabled, users will be able to configure the zone status updates, but it will not change their status.

Mobile App Setup


iPhone Settings

In your iPhone Settings, navigate to Privacy & Security > Location Services > Savance. Ensure that these two settings are set:

  • Allow Location Access: Always – this setting is necessary so that the Savance Workplace app can always track your GPS location, regardless of if it is open or not. If you just set this to “While Using the App”, you will always need the Savance Workplace app open in order for it to send GPS location updates.
  • Precise Location: Enabled – this setting uses various functions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connections, and cell towers to more accurately determine your GPS location. If you want the most precise GPS location updates possible, then keep this setting enabled.

Savance Workplace iPhone App Settings

In order to ensure the Savance Workplace iPhone app is set up properly, from the home page of the app, navigate to More > Settings. Ensure that these two settings are set:

  • GPS: Enabled – this setting is what tells the Savance Workplace iPhone app that it should use your iPhone’s GPS location services to provide GPS location updates to our Savance Workplace system. If this setting is disabled, your phone will no longer sent GPS location updates to the Savance Workplace system.
  • GPS Status Update: Enabled – this setting is what tells the Savance Workplace iPhone app that you want to use the GPS zones that you have configured for GPS status updates. If this setting is disabled, your phone may still provide the Savance Workplace system with GPS location updates (depending on if the setting above is enabled), but those GPS location updates will not be used to try and update your status according to any configured GPS zones.



iPhone App GPS Zone Creation

In order to access the GPS zone settings in the Savance Workplace iPhone app, click on the blue Location button below the two settings that were enabled in the previous step. As long as your GPS location services are set up and working, this should pull up a GPS map of your current location. The basic steps for creating a new GPS zone are as follows:

  1. Tap Define Zone to open up the GPS zone toolbar
  2. Tap the Line Symbol button to create a new GPS zone
  3. Input the desired name for your GPS zone, which status you want to be set when you are inside the zone, and which status to be set when you are outside of the zone
  4. Tap Save Zone to save the GPS zone settings and begin defining the region for the new zone
  5. Tap the Hand Symbol button to finalize the region of your new zone

iPhone App GPS Zone Deletion

In order to delete previously created GPS zones, there are two options: deleting a single zone, or deleting all zones.

  • A single GPS zone: simply tap on the desired zone and its settings will appear – from there, tap Delete Zone and agree to delete it
  • All GPS zones: tap on the Eraser Symbol button in the top left – a prompt will pop up asking if you want to delete all GPS zones – hit OK to confirm this action


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