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Configuring GPS Zone Status Updates for the mobile application.

This article will guide you through the process of implementing GPS Status updates with location based zones on the mobile app.


First, the settings in the EIOBoard must be configured to allow for GPS status updates.

Company setting “Allow GPS Status Updates” must be enabled. This enables the GPS status updates company wide.  From here, users may individually enable or disable their GPS zone status updates, but without this setting, they will not be able to configure them at all.

The company user setting below must be enabled and deployed and can be optionally locked.  Without this setting enabled, users will be able to configure the zone status updates, but it will not change their status.


In the application, allow access to your location and ensure that your phone is following your location.  If a problem occurs here, it may be a phone setting disabling your location sharing.


In your application settings, you must then enable location tracking which allows the application to check your location throughout the day.

Finally, you must set up your zone and your zone in status and zone out status.


Hand: Select mode, to move and drag around the map. You can also select any currently active zone to delete or change it’s status settings
Eraser: Clears all currently created Status Zones
Line: Creates new status zone. Starting with the top right corner of the zone, you should be able to keep pressing the screen to add more borders to the zone as long as they don’t overlap, then you can press the Select mode to finish making the zone.

Once these steps have been executed, you will be able to move into the zone to see the status change and if it is set move out of the zone and your status will change to the zone out status.  Note that it may take up to 5 minutes for the gps to change your status as it checks your location periodically

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