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Copying/Transferring Settings and Look from one Kiosk to Another Via Registry

Old Kiosk

Copy stored images

You will need to copy all of the images used in your kiosk. you can find them under the current user account running the application by navigating to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Savance\EIOBoard Kiosk PC\Images

It is recommended to compress them in order to minimize the size of the file. You can return these files to the same path on the second kiosk. Create the directory if it does not exist.

Backup Registry 

  • Go to Start
  • Type ‘regedit’ and press Enter.
  • This will open Windows Registry.
  • Here, Navigate the tree to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Savance\EIOBoardKiosk
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE. In the Savance folder, select EIOBoardKiosk
  • Right-click on the ‘EIOBoardKiosk’ folder and select export.  This will create a backup of the settings in your EIOBoard Kiosk.

New Kiosk

Copy Backups

You will need to copy the backed-up files (Images and Registry) to the new Kiosk.

Install Kiosk software


If you are a Cloud-hosted customer, you can pull the latest version of our kiosk software from our site. The link can be found below.



Check the version of your original kiosk. You can do this by opening the kiosk application. When it first opens, it shows you the version number in the bottom left of the EIOBoard splash screen that comes up while the application is loading. Once you are sure of your Kiosk’s version, download the same version from our site. Below is the link to our customer-hosted downloads page, select the appropriate version from the list at the top.


Restore images 

Decompress the images from the original kiosk to the documents folder on the new Kiosk. This may break the link to the images if this is not where they were stored on the original kiosk. If your images were stored in various locations on the original, it is recommended to store them in one location and re-add them to the kiosk.

Restore Registry

To restore the registry on the new kiosk, simply double-click the .reg file and select ‘Yes’ on the popup that follows.


Double check the Kiosk to make sure that the settings and images were copied over correctly. If images are not showing correctly, make sure the new kiosk is set to the same resolution as the old one. You may instead need to re-setup the images to their appropriate locations by going to the ‘Customizations’ tab in the Kiosk Admin area.

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