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Disabling Data Execution Prevention (DEP) mode in Outlook 2010 and newer

This article explains how to get your EIOBoard Outlook Add-in to run again when the following error message comes up:

“Outlook experienced a serious problem with the ‘dep exception on startup add-in’ add-in. This add-in is incompatible with Data Execution Prevention mode and should be disabled or upgraded to the latest version.”

If you get an error message similar to this when attempting to load the EIOBoard Outlook Add-in, you must follow a few simple steps to disable the DEP.

Outlook 2010

  1. Open Outlook. Go to: File > Options. The Options window will pop up.
  2. Go to the Trust Center tab and click the Trust Center Settings button as seen below.
  3. The Trust Center window will pop up. Go to the DEP Settings tab.
  4. Make sure that Enable Data Execution Prevention mode is unchecked.
  5. Click “OK”, and your EIOBoard Outlook Add-in should run without the DEP error

Outlook 2013 or Newer


Starting from Outlook 2010, Microsoft restricts that the launch time for any add-in should not take more than 1 sec (1000 milliseconds).



The following solution applies to all EB Add-in versions that targets Outlook 2013 or higher. You can always enable the EB Outlook add-in regardless the boot time.


1.       When you click on “FILE” you should see the following screen.  Click on “Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins”

2.       After that if you see the EIOBoard Outlook Addin 2010 disabled, click on “Always enable this add-in” button and you should be all set

Moreover, if you would like to troubleshoot disabled Outlook add-ins, you can track the boot time for Outlook add-ins in the Event Viewer.

Savance has optimized the EB Add-in to load faster in EB v10, which will reduce the likelihood of Outlook disabling the add-in.

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