Door Control with Infinias

With the infinias device you have the capability to use a card reader, switch, or button to unlock a door. This feature is in addition to controlling the statuses of EIOBoard. In order to take advantage of the different door controls, you have to know how to wire the device properly. In the processes below, each feature will be explained.



Connecting the Door Latch to the Infinias Device:

When connecting the door latch, you have to know the amount of volts it takes to activate the latch.

  • If using a 12 volt latch, you can connect the latch to Output 1. One wire will go into port OC1, while the other wire will go in port +. Both of these ports are located at the top left of the infinias device.
  • If using a 24 volt latch, you will have to use the relay ports. These ports are located at the top right of the infinias device, which is Output 3. An additional source of power will be needed with the infinias device. You will have to connect port C to the negative of the battery, The positive of the battery to the latch, and the latch to NC.


Connecting a Switch or Button to the Infinias Device:

These devices can be connected to the Infinias device using the ports Input 2, 3, and 4. You will connect one wire from the device to the Input port (ex. IN2) and the other wire to the Common port (C), right below or above the input.

Once the switch or button is connected to the infinias device, you will have to configure the settings in the Intelli-M software, which can be accessed by typing in the IP address that is assigned to the Infinias device.

  1. Log into Intelli-M program
  2. Click the ‘System’ button
  3. Click ‘Access’
  4. Select the device
  5. Click Edit
  6. Go to the Triggers tab
  7. Add the Input that is used for the button/switch
  8. Select the Input
  9. Customize the Trigger Options
  10. Click OK


Connecting Card Readers to the Infinias Device:

Two card readers will have the capability to connect to the infinias device. The diagram below demonstrates how the wires should be hooked up to the infinias device.


Other instruction on setting up the infinias device can be found in this manual:



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