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DYMO Label Printer and Media Support

DYMO 450

We used to fully support the 450 Turbo and that’s what we actually shipped. Then Dymo had some issue with a large batch of Dymo Turbos that caused all kinds of issues for our clients where it would print every part of the label on 10% of the label. This caused reliability issues with the 450 Turbo that meant it could no longer be supported in good faith. The regular 450’s didn’t have the issue, and we were able to exclusively use these units for many years.

So technically the 450, the 450 turbo, and the dymo wireless should all work just fine with our system. However DYMO decided to drop support and discontinue the 450 overnight. The 450 and 450 Turbo are still available to find independently on third party sites like Amazon and Ebay, but can no longer be purchased from any direct supplier.


DYMO 550

With version 10.3.47+ of the kiosk, DYMO 550 supported was added. One major caveat though is that Dymo 550s now require Dymo-only labels that have a special RFID chip in their media rolls. Dymo 550 and 550 Turbos both work and have been fully tested.



As of version 10.5.5+ of the kiosk, generic windows printing support was added providing support for virtually any label printer.

Windows Printer Support for Kiosk Versions 10.5.5+


If you have a printer tray as part of a kiosk that was bought on or before June 28th, 2022, and you want to use a Dymo 550, you need to purchase a special right-angle USB cable from Amazon. After July 1, 2022, printer trays were adjusted to support more printer types and better support the Dymo 550 by making it slightly larger and adjusting the cable cut outs to accomodate the changes made from the Dymo 450 to the 550.

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