EIOBoard Company Calendar

To open the calendar, either click the Calendar button in the EIOBoard application or right click the EIOBoard system tray icon and click “My Calendar”.


To change from your Personal Calendar to a Company Calendar, select from the dropdown menu.


When in the Company Calendar, you can change between the Day View, Month View, and List View just like you can in your Personal Calendar. In the Month View, if you hover over a day with future status events, a box will appear with the name of the person and their event for each of the events on that specific day.

When viewing a Company Calendar, you will be able to add, delete, and modify events just like you can in your Personal Calendar. If you are an Administrator, Receptionist, or Group Manager, you will be able to modify the events of other users as well. When you add a future event, it is automatically added to the Company Calendar unless you uncheck the “Add to Company Calendar” checkbox which is found in the Update Status window as seen in Figure 5.

Both Administrators and regular users can Manage Company Calendars. To open the Calendar Management screen, click the “Manage” button in the EIOBoard Calendar.

The only additional privilege an Administrator gets over a regular user is the ability to make a calendar global. If the “Global Calendar” is checked for a Calendar in the Calendar Management screen, that calendar will appear in everyone’s calendar selection drop down in your organization. While regular users can create calendars for themselves, they are not able to make a calendar global.

To add a Company Calendar, simply click “Add”, type in a Calendar Name, select which contacts belong to it, and click “Save”.

NOTE: Users can belong to multiple calendars.

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