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Embedding EIOBoard in your main site could be a nice way to build awareness and engagement. Also, we can automatically log in a user Windows Authentication. The very easiest way to set your EIOBoard in your organization’s website is to use an iframe. The source URL address will be different but the idea is the same.


The simplest way is to use an iframe tag.

<iframe id=’EIOBoard’ src=’https://www.eioboard.com/eioboard/Default.aspx?’ style= “position: absolute; display: block; height: 260px; width: 700px; top: 0 px; right: 0px;”></iframe>


The source URL address will be different but the idea is the same.



The rest is inline CSS to make the iframe show up where you want it.

style= “position: absolute; display: block; min-height: 900px; max-width: 350px; top: 0 px; right: 0px; overflow-x: scroll;”


Once you get everything positioned the way you like it, make sure you can update your status without losing the edge of the Status window. Publish your changes and enjoy in a job well done!


More information:

Automatic Windows Authentication Login

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