Error 1001 – Kiosk Installer Error

When installing the EIOBoard Kiosk you may get an Error 1001 or in some older versions of the Kiosk you may get a more general error telling you to contact support because there has been a problem with install.

Version 10 will show the more specific error – Error 1001 with a red X:


Version 9 will show the more general error instructing you to contact support:



When installing EIOBoard Kiosk there are a couple of Visual Studio C++ Redistributables that must be downloaded to complete the installation properly. They are the Visual Studio C++ 2012 Update version 4 x86 and x64.

In v10 if these resources are missing prior to install you will see this window:



If after this window you get the 1001 error or the error requesting you contact support the likely problem is that the Visual Studio Updates needed were unable to download/install. It appears this is most likely to happen when an older version of the update required already exists on the machine as shown in the following dialog:


In most cases, even after the error occurs, the Kiosk application install will complete. In other cases, it will not. Most features depend on these libraries. As a result, you need to uninstall any preexisiting C++ 2012 redistributable, download and install the C++ libraries manually. Download and install them both then rerun the Kiosk installer. When prompted to choose Modify, Repair or Remove choose Repair. This will ensure your Kiosk software works as intended. The necessary updates can be downloaded from the following links:

Visual Studio C++ 2012 Update 4 x86 – vcredist_x86.exe:

Visual Studio C++ 2012 Update 4 x64 – vcredist_x64.exe:

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