Exporting Users in Active Directory

You can use Control Panel’s Administrator Tool called ACTIVE DIRECTORY USERS AND COMPUTERS to export your users with their email address information.  To manually export all the relevant information for use by EIOBoard, there are a couple steps to perform:

  1. Change the display to show only relevant information
  2. Export the list to a CSV
  3. Import the users into EIOBoard

Change the Display Columns

You must first change the columns and limit them only to export what is needed.  From the main menu, select View->Choose Columns and use the Add / Remove / Move Up / Move Down buttons until you see the list on the right as shown below.

Note: You will not end up using Name.  It is a property that cannot be removed in the ACTIVE DIRECTORY USERS AND COMPUTERS tool.

Export the List

To export the list, you should highlight the Users you wish to export in the right pane, and right-mouse click on the Users folder to select Export List… as shown below.  (Note the changed column headings that are displayed matches the above table.)

You will then be prompted to specify the location, filename and file type for this exported list.   Be sure to choose to save the file in the comma delimited CSV format as shown.

After the Export

You should open the file in Excel and add a column called “Password” and any other columns you wish to include during the import that are part of the user import template that can be found on our downloads page.


Once you have finished modifying this file open the Administrator in the EIOBoard Application Interface and click the “User Import Wizard” button.  Now just follow the steps in the wizard to import all your users.  (Please note that this only applies to the Customer-Hosted version of EIOBoard.  If you have an EIOBoard Hosted account, email your exported user list to support@savance.com.)

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