FAQ: Azure Active Directory Integration

  1. What Workplace interfaces support the Azure Active Directory integration?

    The Azure Active Directory integration is supported on the Workplace browser, desktop application, and Outlook Add-in interfaces. Workplace began supporting the Azure Active Directory integration with version 10.2.1.

  2. How does Workplace support an access control integration and the Azure Active Directory integration?

    The Azure Active Directory Integration and access control integration need to match on full name or email address. If an access control integration came first, Azure AD must match existing users by full name or email address.

  3. Can Workplace import pictures from Azure Active Directory?

    Yes, picture import is an option in the Microsoft integration settings

  4. Can the Azure Active Directory integration be set up on a Customer-Hosted/On-premise Site?

    Yes, but there is some extra steps and information you will need to do for the integration to work with your server:

    • Contact Savance with the URI for your Workplace website

    If you are using an On-Prem account, please contact Savance with the redirect URI you wish to use. If you are hosting Workplace locally, a port number would be required; however, you do not need to provide a port number in any other case. Make sure your firewall is opened, and after contacting Savance, you will have the necessary credentials needed to fully set up your integration.

    • Copy the env.js from the ManageIntegrations folder

    You may also need to add an env.js file to the EIOBoard website folder, one level above the ManageIntegrationsFolder. The same env.js file can be copied from the VMSuite folder. This should only be necessary if the website is hosted at the default and not a /EIOBoard virtual directory.

    • Add your Workplace/EIOBoard sites as the Redirect URI in the web.config

    You will also need to edit the web.config in both EIOboard folder and the API. There are two settings, “AzureRedirectUri” and “AzureRedirectUriMobile”:

    Azure redirect URIs: “AzureRedirectUri” and “AzureRedirectUriMobile”
    The redirect URIs specified there should match the case of the redirect URIs added by Savance on your behalf.

  5. How do I setup the Workplace Azure Active Directory Integration?

    See the attached guide for how to install and set up the Integration and it’s settings:

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