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Getting Started with the User Import Wizard through the Desktop Application

The User Import Wizard makes this process simple, whether you are populating user profiles for the first time or adding additional departments. The Web-based User Import has superseded the Desktop Import Wizard. Please review the Web-base User Import https://www.savanceworkplace.com/knowledge-base/web-based-user-import/

Starting from scratch?

You will need to create an Excel spreadsheet with user data. The only required import fields to add a new user are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, User Name, and Password.

The exhaustive list of available Excel import fields are as follows: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, Ext, Cell, User Name, Password, User ID, User PIN, Title, Group List, Location Name, Static Comment, Fax, Pager, Home Phone, Home Address, Home City, Home State, Home Zip, Home Fax, and Home Email.

To see how this looks on a sample import template, download the following:


Importing User from an Excel Sheet?

  1. Open the Administrator panel. This window is only available to Users assigned to the EB Admin or User Manager Security Group.
    The User Import Wizard is located at the bottom left corner of the ‘Users’ tab of the admin panel.
  2. Click the ‘Import’ button to open the EIOBoard User Import Wizard.
  3. Follow the prompts to select your import sheet, and match up the columns from the source columns to the destination columns in EIOBoard (as seen in the screenshot below).
  4. Preview your import to be sure that updates to existing users
  5. Finish the import to add the users.
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