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Getting the TSP Driver for TAPI

The TAPI feature in EIOBoard is used to change your status automatically when you are on the phone. In order to get this function working, you have to install the TSP (TAPI Service Provider) driver for TAPI. To download the driver you have two options, you can get the universal driver from Mondago or the driver from your phone system provider. Here is a list of all the phone systems that Mondago supports http://www.mondago.com/pbx/. If your telephone provider is not supported by Mondago, you will have to resort to your phone system provider to get the TSP driver. Below you will find phone systems that we have found drivers for, that are not included in Mondago’s list. After you get the driver downloaded, you can use the TAPI tester (http://www.eioboard.com/Features/TelephoneIntegration.aspx) to make sure that the system will work with EIOBoard. Once you have the TSP driver downloaded and you have tested to see if the phone will work with TAPI, you can work on integrating EIOBoard with your phone http://www.eioboard.com/HelpfulGuidesandPages/HowtoConfigureTAPI.aspx.



Known Systems:

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