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How Can I Test or Change My EIOBoard App Login Information?

If the EIOBoard Application is set the automatically login or connect but it cannot, it will fail to open the window. However, you can still access the settings to troubleshoot why it is failing. Even if the Application is not connected or logged on, the system tray icon will open.

By Default, the EIOBoard application is minimized to the system tray. This means that even if it can’t open, the icon for it should be available in the bottom right corner of the screen(you may have to click the arrow to find it in the expanded menu).

Then, you can right click on the icon and go to settings even without logging in.

In these settings, you can test connection to make sure you have connection to the server(Your IP/ServerName if on-premise, or https://cloud.savanceworkplace.com if cloud).
Once you are successfully connecting to your server, you can also test authentication to make sure your log-in information is correct. If it’s not passing Authentication, please speak to your network administrator if you’re on-premise, or you can contact EIOBoard support at support@eioboard.com if you’re Cloud-hosted for your log-in information.

If you need any help getting connected to your server or logging into your account, you can contact support at support@eioboard.com

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