How do I create a Timecard?

To create a Timecard do the following:

0. Have the Export Template and Payroll Types created via the Desktop Application Admin: See this Knowledgebase Article

1. Click the “Timesheets” button in the EIOBoard Application Interface.

2. Click “Create Timecards”.


3. Click “New List”, enter a name when prompted, check the users you want to export Timecard data for, click “Save List”, and then click “Next >>”.


4. On the Payroll Options tab, select your Payroll settings and specify the Export Options.  If you have not already done so, you will need to click the “Manage Payroll Types” button to add Payroll Types for Regular Pay and optionally Overtime and Doubletime.  Click “Next >>” to continue.


5. If the data on the “Review Time Cards” tab is correct click “Next >>” to export the time cards to the export format and location specified on the “Payroll Options” tab.  If any time entries are incorrect or you want to see more details, you can double click a cell with the hour total for a user to open the Status History Review screen.

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