How do I fix Sign Out at Midnight not working?

Sign Out All Users at Midnight Setting

If you want all users or visitors to be signed out at Midnight, you can turn on the setting for it in the global settings of the Admin Panel:

For more information on the setting, see our knowledgebase article: Sign Out All Users at Midnight Company Setting


On-premise Troubleshooting

If there are any issues with the sign out, there are several steps you can check on your on-premise server:

1. Check to make sure the Server Service is running, and the SQL Task for sign people out at midnight works.


2. If it’s not, you can manually restart the service from the EIOBoard Server Admin:



3. You can also go to Windows Services, and set up the Server Service to automatically restart if it crashes or fails in the future as well.

4. The Time and Timezone on the Server and global settings will also need to be correct, since the task runs on the hour, but then only signs people out of organizations who’s timezone is currently at midnight, so an incorrect timezome or time(so it runs at 12:04 or etc) will make it not function.

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