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How do Staff and Users Change Their Own Password

Once a user is signed in, they can manage and update their password from within the Browser, Application, or Outlook add-in interfaces.


Browser Interface

1. Log in to the Browser at https://cloud.savanceworkplace.com

2. Click on My Info and Settings in the upper right corner.

3. Click on Password on the far right of the main navigation panel area. You can also edit your Username and Password in the ‘My Info’ tab.

4. Put in your old, new, and confirm your new information, and click Save.


Application Interface

1.  Launch the app and log in.

2.  Find your listing on the status board.  You can use the search to make it easier if there are a lot of users.  Make sure you’re on the All tab.

3. Right-click on yourself and select “Administer User” (even if you are not an administrator, you can administer/edit yourself)

4.  Set the password and confirm the password to match your new password and click Update.

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