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How do we do EIOBoard Releases and Naming Conventions?

All links will be downloaded from the corresponding release’s download directory on our server, https://downloads.eioboard.com/Releases/X.X.X/ .  The “X.X.X” is the full version number.  The filename is typically EIOBoard{Interface}X.exe where X=version number and Interface = App, Outlook, etc.  So EIOBoard Desktop App version 10.5.7 would be EIOBoardApp1057 (full path = https://downloads.eioboard.com/Releases/10.5.7/EIOBoardApp1057.exe ).

As we have minor patches/revisions that we’re confident are ready for general release, we’ll update the general release file(https://downloads.eioboard.com/latest/).  So some days, the link might be downloading 10.5.7 and a few days later, it might be downloading version 10.5.10.  The latest official release can always be found at http://www.eioboard.com/downloads/latest/filename where the filename like before is typically EIOBoard{Interface}.exe but without a version number.  (For example to get the latest EIOBoard Application the link is https://downloads.eioboard.com/latest/EIOBoardApp.exe)  We always have the hard reference to the specific release available if a customer needs a certain release to match what they’ve deployed in the past.

As a good rule of thumb, once you get your e-mail to download your version, download the server installer (if customer-hosted) and all the interfaces you might use into a directory and store it on your EIOBoard server or on a file server.  This will ensure you keep the same version to deploy to your users and do not deploy one version during deployment and a newer version a few weeks later.

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