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How long has Savance Workplace (Formerly EIOBoard) been on the market?

Savance Workplace (Formerly known as EIOBoard)’s development plan began back in the year of 2000. Our engineering team saw a need after using a competitor’s product for a better devised electronic in-out board software and so out of that desire, our Savance Workplace software was born! After launching our newly developed Savance Workplace software, our first sale took place on December 1st, 2003 and since that time we have added several thousands of users!

We have military clients, governmental clients, large corporation and non-profit organizations, and varied large and small businesses and organizations part of our Savance Workplace community. As part of our continuous improvement commitment, Savance has introduced numerous new Workplace releases adding several enhancements made available to all our customers in good standing. Our new releases/improvements include both usability and functionality improvements. Feel free to read our release notes at: https://www.savanceworkplace.com/releases

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