How to add an A-record

Usually your DNS host or ISP will manage this for you.  Internally, many organizations have a DNS server on their Windows Servers.  An A-record defines a sub-domain.  You can review your host by using and putting in your domain.  You can also use whois from against your domain to find out who manages your DNS (they’ll list it as Name Servers).  From here, you’ll want to have them add an A-record that will point your fixed IP to a name.  For example, say our organization was Microsoft and I wanted an A-record.  I found out my external IP is by checking with my ISP or by using (but remember, if you are not static, this can change).  If you wanted to have, you would need to add an A-record under the domain that pointed to  You’ll want to check with your Name Server Provider, but here is how you do add a DNS entry with Microsoft’s DNS server –

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