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How to Add Doors and Status Mappings to Avigilon Integration

Avigilon Integration syncs up users and credentials automatically but requires you to enter to details about the door in order for the events to properly map to a status update in EIOBoard.  When you add or change a door, or you set up the system initially, you must add the doors that you wish to respond to door swipe events in EIOBoard.


You must first login to ACM (Access Control Manager) and click on doors.  Edit the door that you wish to integrate with.  In the URL of the browser, you will see the cn which will map to our Door ID.  It’s probably a good idea to note the name of the door to for consistency.


Launch the EIOBoard application and then launch the administrator. Find the Doors tab. Click Add. Enter the Name, ID (which is the same as the cn found from ACM), the mapping status, and optionally a location. Click Add.

At this point, as long as the EIOBoard Avigilon Connector is running, you can go test that door and confirm that the person’s status is updated inside the in/out status board display.


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