How To Add New Users

How to Manually Add Users

  1. Select Admin
  2. Select Users under Users & Security
  3. Select Add User
  4. Put in the required information(Fields in yellows are one set to required):
  5. Click Create User

Video Guide


Excel Spreadsheet Import

Web-Based User Import

You can also batch import users via an excel on the web:

Web-Based User Import

Note: The maximum import size is 250, so only have 250 users per sheet.


Desktop Application User Import

Importing via excel is also available through the Desktop Application:

Getting Started with the User Import Wizard through the Desktop Application



Active Directory User Sync

On-premise: LDAP Active Directory

On-premise installations can also add users via Active Directory.

What do I enter for the AD Sync settings during the customer-hosted server install?

How to Add New Users Automatically with Active Directory Sync


Cloud-Hosted: Azure Active Directory

If you’re Cloud-hosted, please contact us for information on setting up the Azure AD/Microsoft Integration.

EIOBoard Microsoft Azure AD Integration Setup

FAQ: Azure Active Directory Integration


Access Control Integrations

Savance offers integrated solutions that combine a new or existing access control system to import users and their card data. You see the list of the Access Control Integrations we currently support here:

Access Control Integration

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