How To Change Screening Settings

If you ever need to access your organization’s screening settings to change or review them, you may do so through the Kiosk application:

1. Enter your kiosks settings:

How to Enter Kiosk Settings


2. Go To the Visitor Management -> Screening Settings Tab. You may have to scroll with the side buttons to see them.

3. After you selected which Question Profile you wish to change the screening settings for, you can adjust the Maximum and Minimum Temperatures, what status the people are put into on a passed or failed screening, and the screening alert email. If you are on version 10.3.25 or later you can Save the Selected Profile within the Settings, but if you are on an earlier version of the Kiosk you will have to Save and exit the Kiosk settings to save changes to the Screening Settings. Either way Screening Settings will be across all kiosks using that question profile.

Note: The ‘Save/Fail for Temperature’ sets whether it saves the scanned Temperature(unchecked) or just whether they passed or failed(checked).


4. In 10.3.47 or later of the Kiosk, there is also an Advanced Screening Settings tab, where you can set the range of Temperatures you want the kiosk to consider valid. If the kiosk is given a temperature outside of this range, it will reject the reading and ask you to scan again.

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