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How to Change the EIOBoard Refresh Time

This setting can be set by individual users on a per user basis or it can be set by an administrator user as a deployable setting and locked so it cannot be changed by non-admin users.

Company User Setting:

To change this setting and deploy it to all users:

  1. Open the EIOBoard client application and click on Administration.
  2. Then go to Company User Settings tab.
  3. Under Views–>View Configurations you can change the board refresh interval.
  4. Set the deployable setting to whatever you want then check the checkboxes in the Deploy and Locked column. Or if you are on the web admin, click ‘Deploy All My Settings’
  5. Click the Save and Deploy button in the bottom right corner.


These changes will then be deployed to all end users. Users may need to exit EIOBoard and sign back in for the change to take effect.

If you unlock the deployable setting then the individual users can change the refresh interval in their own settings to whatever they like.


Individual User Setting:

To do this they need to:

  1. Click on the settings icon,
  2. Go to the view tab-> Change the refresh interval setting.
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