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How to Change the Scrollbar Size for the Kiosk

There are two different ways to change the size of your Kiosk Scrollbar.

Option 1. Do it in Windows (Not yet support in Windows 8)

  1. Right click on the Desktop and click Personalize
  2. In the window that pops up click the Window Color button
  3. Click Advanced appearance settings
  4. In the item drop down menu navigate to Scrollbar
  5. The default size is 17, increase the size to make the Scrollbar bigger, decrease the size to make it smaller
  6. Click ok
  7. Click save changes


Option 2. Do it with a registry change

  1. Open up regedit
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Control Panel>Desktop>WindowMetrics
  3. Find the ScrollHeight and ScrollWidth Keys
  4. Double click on ScrollHeight and change the Value (The range is from -100 to -1000, the larger numbers -eg -1000- make a bigger Scrollbar while the smaller numbers -eg -100- make for a smaller Scrollbar
  5. Click ok
  6. Double click ScrollWidth and change its value to match ScrollHeight
  7. Click ok
  8. Close out of regedit and sign out and sign in with your account to let the changes take effect
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