How to Customize Kiosk Logos

The Kiosk supports customizing the logos that appear in the Kiosk screens. You can customize both the left and right logos on the login screen.  The following image types are supported in priority order: gif, bmpjpgpngicojpeg

The preferred size of the logo is a square 300×300 px


1.    In order to customize the logos, you need to put your image beside the Kiosk exe in the installation folder.

2.    Rename your left logo to “LeftLogo.gif” and the right logo to “RightLogo.gif” if the pictures are of type gif. Note: they can be any type of the supported image types.

3.    Restart the Kiosk application.

Note: Requires version 7.1.81 or higher of the EIOBoard Kiosk software.  You can restore the default Savance logo and EIOBoard logo by just deleting the custom LeftLogo and RightLogo from the installation folder.

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