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How To Customize Your Kiosks Appearence

Introduction How To Get To Your Settings –


To access your kiosk settings, first you must login to your kiosk using ‘7282623’. This login is found under ‘Staff’ in most cases. Once logged in,  you should see ‘Customizations’ after clicking the right arrow 

General Tab

  1. General Sub Tab
  2. Click on the image you’d like to replace with an image from the kiosk files
  3. Switch between language. Currently we have English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean. Please note this isn’t an auto translation feature. Instead this is where you translate buttons into your language then allow users to choose between languages
  4. Text Box Size controls the sizing of anything under the Text Box sub-tab



Labels/Button Tab

  1. Custom allows you to change the label to show a custom message instead of the Default
  2. Back color is a background color to your label
  3. Fore Color is the text color
  4. Font allows you to change the font, style, and sizing of text. If you wish to add new fonts, please add them via the kiosk’s Windows settings. Download page for fonts: https://fonts.google.com/
  5. Left and Top control text positioning. Width and Height control the area of the text. Higher the Left value is, the further right the text will appear on your screen. High the Top value is, the further down the text will appear. Most kiosk are setup with 1920×1080. If you want a label to disappear, simple set Left to 2000 and Top to 1500 pushing it off the screen entirely

Note to find where a button appears on your kiosk, use the “Page” column on the Button sub tab


Text Boxes Tab

  • You can only change the Back color/Fore Color of these. This changes the color text appears as inside of text fields like “Search Textboxes” as an example.


Controls Tab

  • This tab allows you to customize how control buttons look. A good example of these buttons would be the ones that appear as a keypad when entering ‘7282623’


Popups Tab

  • You can customize popup messages/errors. These can be used to better explain next steps for a visitor to take or why something failed

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