How to Install EIOBoard on Windows 2012

Running EIOBoard on Server 2012

Install .NET

Server Manager -> Dashboard -> Add roles and features, Next, Next, Next, Next, Click the .NET Framework 3.5 Features

Also, check the ASP.NET 4.5 under the .NET Framework 4.5 Features


If you do not install .NET, this error will come up when you attempt to install:

Install IIS
If you do not install IIS, the installer will throw this error message:

Server Manager -> Dashboard -> Add roles and features, Next, Next, Next, Click Web Server (IIS).
Add IIS 6 Metabase Compatability under Security
ASP.NET 3.5 under Development (add additional requirements as necessary)

Install SQL 2012 Express Manually
Name the instance EIOBoard
Choose Mixed Mode for the security, note the password as you’ll need it later for the EIOBoard Installer
Accept all other defaults or customize as necessary

After the install, make sure to enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP using the SQL Server Configuration Manager, then restart SQL to make the changes take effect.

Install EIOBoard Intranet
Start the EIOBoard Intranet Installer
Go through and configure it appropriately, but be sure to use localhost/EIOBoard

Finally, go into IIS and create a new “EIOBoard” app pool and assign it .NET 2.0.  Once that is done, manually go set EIOBoard and the WebService virtual directory to use the EIOBoard App Pool in the basic settings.

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