How to Remove Future Statuses from EIOBoard

If you have added Future Statuses to EIOBoard (such as through Outlook Sync. or Exchange Sync.), EIOBoard is not currently able to delete all these statuses automatically. A user may open the EIOBoard calendar, right-click each event, and delete each individual event if necessary. However, this would only be useful for small amounts of future statuses or small amounts of employees. If you would like to remove all future statuses at once, this can be done on the backend of EIOBoard.


Note: Because this requires you to edit your EIOBoard database, this feature is only available to Customer-Hosted customers. Also, because you are editing the EIOBoard database, you must be very careful to not change any other settings or database tables that may impair EIOBoardā€™s functionality. If you are an EIOBoard-Hosted customer who would like to add colors OR if you are a Customer-Hosted customer who would like EIOBoardā€™s support team to take care of this database work for you, feel free to purchase a Block of Support. EIOBoardā€™s support team can do all the necessary work for you over a web conference! For details, visit EIOBoard Training and Consulting.


To edit the future statuses in your EIOBoard database, follow these instructions:

  1. On the server machine with your EIOBoard database, open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Browse to your EIOBoard database (the default name is SolutionSavant).
  3. Right-click the database and select New Query.
  4. You will now be able to type queries into the EIOBoard Database. Be aware that all changes made to the database are permanent. It is recommended that you make a backup of your database before running any queries.


You have a couple of options when deleting future statuses. Depending on which future statuses you would like to delete, run the following queries on the EIOBoard database.


Delete ALL Future Statuses

DELETE FROM FutureStatus


Delete Only Future Statuses that havenā€™t occurred yet

DELETE FROM FutureStatus WHERE AutoReturnProcessed = 0


Delete ALL Future Statuses that are synchronized (but not manually added statuses)

DELETE FROM FutureStatus WHERE ISNULL(OutlookEntryID, 0) <> ‘0’ AND AutoReturnProcessed = 0


View a list of all Future Statuses

SELECT * FROM FutureStatus

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