How to report on the E-mail and Text Transmission Log

For auditing purposes, some companies may need to report on the sent E-mail and Text messages out of EIOBoard.  To do so, you must be running the Customer-Hosted version and have direct access to the SQL Server running EIOBoard.  You should then connect with SQL Management Studio and login using Windows Authentication or the “sa” password.  Contact Savance if you need the “sa” password that EIOBoard deploys with the installer.

Once connected with SQL Management Studio, you’ll want to run the following SQL query against the database:

SELECT DateTimeInserted, DateTimeProcessed, ToName, ToAddress, FromName, FromAddress, CCAddress, Subject, Message, c.ContactName AS SentByName FROM DispatchQueue dq

LEFT OUTER JOIN Users u ON u.UserSys = dq.UserSys

LEFT OUTER JOIN Contacts c ON c.ContactSys = u.ContactSys

WHERE DateTimeInserted BETWEEN ‘2012-05-01’ AND ‘2012-05-02’

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