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How to Reset the EIOBoard Android App

With the EIOBoard Android application being in an early development stage, you may run into an instance where the app may fall into a state where it continually crashes. This can be resolved by resetting the application back to a fresh install state. If you know what caused the crash, please feel free to let our support department know so they can inform the development team of the issue.

In the event of crashing continually here are the steps to reset the EIOBoard application

1. Navigate to the “Settings” app and find the “Apps” section


2. Find the EIOBoard application listed under the “Downloaded” section of the Apps screen.


3. Hit the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” buttons.



Your EIOBoard app is now back to a fresh install state. Any information you have on what you believe may have caused the crashes is greatly appreciated and would love to be received by the development team. This will help us deliver a truly excellent user experience.



Savance Android Development Team

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