How to run a Mustering Roll Call

Once you have Roll Call Profiles set up in the EIOBoard Mustering Application, there’s two ways to run them depending on if you have a default profile set or not.

If you want to switch whether you can have a default set or not, or still need to set up a roll call profile, see our knowledgebase article:

How to Configure Roll Call Profiles


0. If you have the Kiosk Application on the same computer or tablet, make sure to close it before launching the Mustering Application so that it is able to use the Badge Reader if you have one.

1. To get to the Roll Call screen, select ‘Roll Calls’ on the Main Menu once you launch the application:

With a Default Profile Set:

With a default Profile Set, it will go straight in to the List/Status Board view of the Muster Statuses, where a user can select their name or swipe their badge to update their muster status:

There are several option in the Top Right of this page:

Hide Mustered: This will hide anyone already marked as Present or Not Present so only people still unknown are shown

Group by Status: This will change the grouping to status instead of the selection in the Roll Call Profile

Refresh: This will refresh the board, updating from other tablet running the same roll call if the tablet still has a connection to the database

Search: Let’s you search for a specific Name


With a Default Profile Set, after a Roll Call you can go to the Web and click ‘Clear Roll Call’ in the top toolbar to complete a Roll Call

Then all completed or in progress Roll Calls can be accessed in the ‘Roll Call Detail’ Report in Reporting


With no Default Profile Set:

1. Once you’re in the Roll Calls screen, you can either start a New Roll Call, or continue any current unfinished one


2. When you select to make a new Roll Call Profile, you can select any existing Profile, or create a new one to use for this one

3. Once you’ve selected a profile, you have several options:

a. Start Roll Call: This will start going through people one by one to call a Manual Roll Call, and you can mark each either Present, Not Present, or Unknown.

b. List People: This will bring up a screen with everyone’s current Status and Muster Status listed, and you can either click on them to mark their muster status, or have them swipe their card to mark themselves as present

c. Clear: Restarts the roll call, marking everyone as unknown, resetting their present and not present statuses.

d. Reconfigure: Lets you change the Roll Call Profile selected. This action can change people visible or their order in the Roll Call

e. Delete: Deletes the Roll Call Profile

f. Mark Complete: Finished the Roll Call, so it can be retrieved and reviewed in the reports.

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