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How to set up Face ID using the Timmy Temperature Scanner.

Using your UserID to Authenticate at the Kiosk

Staff can authenticate at the kiosk using their UserID to update their status. This unique numerical value then will update the User’s Status when one of our numerous Identification Option Accessories is used to authenticate at the kiosk.

  • Barcode Scanner: Once a User is added to EIOBoard, you can print or create a Badge or label with their UserID as a barcode that they can then scan at a Barcode Reader at the Kiosk to sign in.
  • HID/Proximity Card Reader: By importing or adding User’s with their Badge Number as their UserID, they can then scan their existing Access Control or Identification badge to update their status on the kiosk
  • Face ID: The Timmy Temperature Scanner comes with Face ID that you can tie to the user’s UserID for them to update their status by scanning their face.

Add Badge Numbers as UserIDs

  1. First, you must know or set the UserIDs of the users in EIOBoard.
  2. If you are using Badge Reader, you will want this number to be set to the Employee’s Badge Number so they can also sign in using their badge at the kiosk using the HID Card Reader

Video 1: Setting the UserID in the Web


Video 2: Setting to Badge Number and Swiping Badge at Kiosk


Register Face ID with Scanner

Once the UserID’s are set, you can add and register the Employee’s faces to the Face ID scanner. Then the users will only need to scan their face at the camera and the Kiosk will update their status.

Video 3: Adding an Employee to the Face ID Scanner


  1. Connect the Temperature Scanner to the Kiosk: Configuring Temperature Sensor and Screening Settings
  2. Enter the Scanner Settings
  3. Go to User Management
  4. Click Add New User
  5. Enter the User’s UserID and Name
  6. After adding user, select ‘face’ for authentication
  7. Scan Face to Register
  8. Once the Face the Added, click Back to go back to the User Management Screen.
  9. If you only want to use the Scanners for Face ID, and not take any temperatures at all, you can turn off ‘Body Temperature’ and ‘Stranger Temperature’ in the System settings

Using FaceID to Authenticate at the Kiosk

Once you have the faces registered with their UserID at the Kiosk, they can simply scan their face at the scanner and the configured Sign-in process should begin!

Note that if scanning the same face within one minute of the last scan, the Scanner will see it as a continuation of the last scan and not send it as a new event. If you need to correct a punch or scan again when you were the last one that scanned, just make sure to give the scanner a minute so it doesn’t think it lost your face in doing the same scan.


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