How to setup Future Status?

Company Settings to Set Future Statuses

There’s several settings pertaining to using Future Statuses an admin can configure in the Global Settings:

If checked, users will be able to have their status updated automatically at the returning time of a Future Status Event

If checked, Future Statuses will be disabled

How to Set a Future Status

To setup a “Future Status” with EIOBoard use the Update Status screen that you can access by clicking on the “Status” button from the top EIOBoard Toolbar. Make sure you check the “Future Status” box. You can also check the boxes to add to your “Company Calendar” (if this has been setup by your EIOBoard Administrator) and/or Synchronize to Outlook (if you all use Outlook for your email there).

To set a future status, you could also choose a Customer and/or a Location as an available status option (if your EIOBoard has been setup with using those options), and set the starting and returning time by using the date and time pickers, optionally enter a comment and finally click OK.

How to use the Date and Time Picker:
Click on the date drop-down menu, then select a date from the popup Calendar.

Once the date is set, click on the hour from the time picker and use the up and down arrows to increase and decrease the hour. Next, click on the minutes and do the same to update the minutes.

Auto Return Status – Check this option and a drop down menu will come up to choose the status that will be set automatically after the end of the date and time pickers, and finally click OK.

Add To Company Calendar – Check this option if you want to add your Future status to the Company Calendar as a reminder automatically turned on.

Synchronize to Outlook / Group Wise – Check this option if you want to add your Future status to your Outlook / Group Wise according to the user settings.

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