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How to Update the Cloud Service URL

The URL for the Cloud-Hosted services has been updated to use https://cloud.savanceworkplace.com. As part of several security and scalability initiatives, as well as a rebranding from EIOBoard to Savance Workplace, Savance has changed our primary cloud URL, and the old URL will be phased out by the end of November.




Option 1 – Manually Updating through the Settings

  • Android – Click on “…” from the home screen, and select Settings, and adjust the server setting manually

Option 2 – Deploying New URL Setting via Registry

There are several ways to mass deploy the new URL for the entire organization as well

You can read more about automated deployments and registry settings, including the server URL setting, that can be set and adjusted in the registry here. It is recommended that the application is shutdown, the new registry setting applied, and then the application restarted for the setting to properly be applied.

Registry Keys

Here’s the URL Registry entry for each interface as well.

Note: They may also exist in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to lock and override the settings for all users

Desktop Application
WebAddres, REG_SZ

Outlook Add-in
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Savance\Eioboard Outlook Addin
WebAddres, REG_SZ

Server, REG_SZ

WebServiceAddress, REG_SZ


Option 3 – Automated Setting Deployments

This Startup Script for IT Admins can be deployed to automate the process of updating the URL.


Getting Your Saved Password

Since this is a new hosted site, the cache unfortunately does not carry over. However if you had your password saved in your browser, you can find your browser’s saved password for ‘eioboard.com’ by following the guide for your browser below:




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