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How To Upgrade The Temperature Scanner Firmware

AI03FT Temperature Scanner

How to update firmware online
Note: device firmware version should be V3.5 or above then it has this function,
otherwise, you need to use u-disk to update firmware

1. Make sure to note down the Server and Network settings in the Temperature before changing them, so that you can switch it back to being connected to the Kiosk when you are done.

2. Connect device to network cable or WIFI
Enter device menu—Comm set—Ethernet or WIFI

3. Enter device menu-Comm set—Server—Server req, change it to yes
The settings in server menu should be same as below picture

4. Enter menu—Sys info—info—Check update, if device is connected to
network, it will detect if there is latest version, then you can select update or
not, if update, device will restart automatically after about 2s, and it will
display ‘update success’ after turn on device

DF050T Temperature Scanner

The Firmware update to automatically reboot the DF050T Temperature Scanner at 12:30am each night to resolve the issue with it losing communication with the kiosk has been released and tested with the kiosk. You can upgrade the firmware of the Temp Scanners by following the steps below:

  1. Get the firmware upgrade file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1snd0dzWrtVcEsPSs5-amNAplrvzI181H/view?usp=sharing
  2. Put the attached bin file on an usb with nothing else on it, and plug it into the side of the Temp Scanner.
  3. Make sure it’s in the FAT32 file format: Insert the empty (or one without redundant data on it) USB drive into your computer.
    2. Right-click on the appropriate drive letter
    3. Select format
    4. Change the file system to FAT32
    5. Click Start
  4. Then in the Temp Scanner, go to Menu->Settings->Advanced, and the last option is ‘Update Firmware’.
  5. Let the Temp Scanner install the update and restart. This will update the Temp Scanner to Firmware v2.12 and it should be ready to go!

We also have a new model of Temperature Scanner that you can upgrade to instead that also no longer has this issue, feel free to contact Sales at Sales@eioboard.com for a quote if you are interested!

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